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Eric Dresser Wildlife Photography

Whitetail Deer Photos
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Whitetail Buck - Standing Guard  (deer-1web)

Whitetail  Buck (deer-2web)

Large Buck Emerging From Woods  (deer-3web)

Landscape & Buck  (deer-4web)

Whitetail Doe  (deer-5web)

Majestic Buck  (deer-6web)

8 Point Whitetail Deer (deer-7web)

Bedded Buck  (deer-8web)

Whitetail Buck  (deer-9web)

Large Buck Showing Off  (deer-10web)

Crab Claw Buck  (deer-11web)

Buck making eye contact with doe  (deer-12web)

Nice Buck Tending Doe

Whitetail Deer, Early Winter Buck  (deer-14web)

Sparring Bucks  (deer-15web)

Busted  (deer-16web)

Winter Whitetail, between the trees  (deer-17web)

Autumn Whitetail Doe  (deer-18web)

Face Off  (deer-19web)

Whitetail Deer in Sunset  (deer-20web)

Whitetail Buck, Scent Checking  (deer-21web)

Whitetail Buck, licking branch  (deer-22web)

Whitetail Fawn, late autumn  (deer-23web)

Whitetail Fawn, bedded near log  (deer-24web)


Turkeys & Deer in Sunset  (deer-25web)

Broken Brow, whitetail buck (deer-26web)

Whitetail doe  (deer-27web)

Whitetail Buck, first snow  (deer-28web)

Whitetail Buck, 8 point  (deer-29web)

Whitetail Buck, 11pt  (deer-30web)

Large Whitetail Buck  (deer-31web)

Make My Day (deer-32web)

Whitetail Buck Portrait  (deer-33web)

Whitetail Buck  (deer-34web)

Whitetail Buck  (deer-35web)

Whitetail Buck  (deer-36web)

Early Morning Buck  (deer-37web)

Buck Lip Curling  (deer-38web)

Whitwtail Doe & Fawn, winter  (deer-39web)

Whitetail Buck, 8pt  (deer-40web)

Whitetail Buck   (deer-41web)

Whitetail Buck  (deer-42web)

14 point, Rubbing  (deer-43web)

Curious Whitetail Doe, winter  (deer-44web)

Whitetail Buck, 8pt   (deer-45web)

Broken Brow, whitetail buck  (deer-46web)

10 pt. Buck Rubbing (deer-47web)

Fawn's First Winter   (deer-48web)

Whitetail Buck, 14 pt   (deer-49web)

10 Point   (deer-50web)

8 Point   (deer-51web)

Click here for Whitetail Deer Gallery 2 of 2
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