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Eric Dresser Wildlife Photography

Reptiles and Amphibians
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Stock Wildlife Photography
Fine Art Prints

Bull Frog, reflection  (ar-1web)

A Frog's Day  (ar-2web)

Eyes  (ar-3web)

Green Frog  (ar-4web)

American Toad  (ar-5web)

American Toad  (ar-6web)

Bull Frog  (ar-7web)

Wood Frog  (ar-8web)

Garter Snake  (ar-9web)

Garter Snake  (ar-10web)

Red Eft  (ar-11web)

Painted Turtle  (ar-12web)

Wood Frog  (ar-13web)

Wood Frog  (ar-14web)

Leopard Frog  (ar-15web)

Wood Turtle  (ar-16web)

Snapping Turtle  (ar-17web)

Painted Turtle  (ar-18web)

Pickerel Frog  (ar-19web)

Gray Treefrog  (ar-20web)

Bull Frog  (ar-21web)

Spring Peeper  (ar-22web)

Spring Peeper  (ar-23web)

Northern Water Snake  (ar-24web)


Northern Water Snake  (ar-25web)

Bull Frog & Lily Pads  (ar-26web)

Spotted Turtle  (ar-27web)

American Toad  (ar-28web)

Bull Frog (ar-29web)

Painted Turtles  (ar-30web)

Northern Ringneck Snake  (ar-31web)

Northern Ringneck Snake  (ar-32web)

Red Eft  (ar-33web)

American Toad  (ar-34web)

Bull Frog Frog  (ar-35web)

Garter Snake  (ar-36web)

Gray Tree Frog  (ar-37web)

Gray Tree Frog  (ar-38web)

Gray Tree Frog  (ar-39web)

Gray Tree Frog  (ar-40web)

Spring Peeper  (ar-41web)

Spring Peeper (ar-42web)

Milk Snake (ar-43web)

Milk Snake (ar-44web)

Spotted Salamander  (ar-45web)

Box Turtle  (ar-46web)


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