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Eric Dresser Wildlife Photography

Insect Photos
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Common Whitetail Dragonfly, female  (ins-1web)

Common Whitetail Dragonfly, female  (ins-2web)

Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly  (ins-3web)

Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly  (ins-4web)

Damselfly  (ins-5web)

Mayfly on Knapweed  (ins-6web)

Grasshopper on Bull Thistle  (ins-7web)

Black & Yellow Argiope  (ins-8web)

Grass Spider  (ins-9web)

Water Strider  (ins-10web)

Walking Stick  (ins-11web)

Ebony Jewelwing, damselfly    (ins-12web)

Lacewing on Buttercup  (ins-13web)

Blue Dasher, Dragonfly  (ins-14web)

Mating Damselflies  (ins-15web)

Damselfly  (ins-16web)

Katydid  (ins-17web)

Mating Dragonflies in flight  (ins-18web)

Wasp Nest  (ins-19web)

Grasshopper  (ins-20web)

Twelve-spotted Skimmer  (ins-21web)

Twelve-spotted Skimmer  (ins-22web)

Slaty Skimmer  (ins-23web)

Dragonfly  (ins-24web)

Dragonfly  (ins-25web)

katydid  (ins-26web)

Bumble Bee  (ins-27web)

Dragonfly Hatch  (ins-28web)

Dragonfly Nymph Case  (ins-29web)

Spider with Dragonfly  (ins-30web)

Hummingbird Moth (ins-31web)

Crab Spider  (ins-32web)

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