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Eric Dresser Wildlife Photography

Lake and Pond Photos
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Newcomb Lake & Santanoni Mountain, Adirondacks  (lk-1web)

Raquette Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-2web)

Connery Pond & Whiteface Mountain (lk-3web)

Moss Lake dawn, Adirondacks  (lk-4web)

Chapel Pond, Adirondacks  (lk-5web)

Pre-dawn Horseshoe Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-6web)

Sunrise on Horseshoe Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-7web)

Big Moose, Adirondacks  (lk-8web)

Gorton Pond, Tug Hill Plateau  (lk-9web)

Contemplating next Exposure, Connery Pond (lk-10web)

Chapel Pond, Adirondacks (lk-11web)

Life's a trip - Grab a paddle  (lk-12web)

Moss Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-13web)

Gorton Pond, Tug Hill Plateau  (lk-14web)

Raquette Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-15web)

Gorton Pond, Tug Hill  (lk-16web)

Lake Costello at Dawn   (lk-17web)

Newcomb Lake - 2, Adirondacks  (lk-18web)

Moss Lake Fog, Adirondacks  (lk-19web)

Adirondack Bog  (lk-20web)

Connery Pond, dawn, Adirondacks  (lk-21web)

Dusk Near Raquette Lake  (lk-22web)

Oneida Lake  (lk-23web)

Connery Pond, Adirondacks  (lk-24web)


Pack Ice, Oneida Lake  (lk-25web)

Lake Costello at Dawn, Ontario Canada  (lk-26web)

Lower Cascade Lake, Adirondacks (lk-27web)

Small Pond and Whiteface Mountain  (lk-28web)

Adirondack Bog, near Raquette Lake  (lk-29web)

Oneida Lake Dawn  (lk-30web)

Lake Durant, Adirondacks (lk-31web)

Oneida Lake Dawn  (lk-32web)

Lower Cascade Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-33web)

Raquette Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-34web)

Fourth Lake, Adirondacks  (lk-35web)

Gorton Pond, moon setting at dawn  (lk-36web)

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