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Eric Dresser Wildlife Photography

Choosing Equipment
Digital or Film

Take Only Photos
Leave Only Tracks

Getting Started in Wildlife Photography

a) If you are just getting started and haven't chosen a camera yet, do some research and choose a manufacturer that has a wide range of lenses and accessories (ex: Nikon or Canon). At this point you may feel that you'll never need a 500mm f4 lens, but this game is addictive. For my type of photography a Digital SLR is the way to go. A Digital SLR or DSLR is a camera body that accepts interchangeable lenses. There are obvious advantages to digital cameras. Being able to instantly view your results may be the biggest advantage. Another huge advantage is the ability to shoot extremely high ISO's; especially if you own a camera body with full frame sensor.

b) Use a sturdy tripod whenever possible ! This will allow the use of long shutter speeds when necessary. When choosing a tripod, check to see if it allows you to adjust the angle of the leg spread so that you will be able to set up at ground level when shooting insects, wildflowers and various other subjects. Gitzo makes the best (in my opinion), but they are pricey. I prefer the Gitzo GT3530LS. It lacks a center column and the legs can be spread completely. For heavy lenses such as my 200-400mm and my 600mm I use the Gitzo GT5542LS. Both tripods mention are carbonfiber and very pricey. A tripod is one of most important pieces of equipment that a professional nature photographer owns.
c) When photographing wildlife, knowing and understanding your subject is just as important as knowing photography basics of exposure and composition. By knowing your subjects habitat, habits, food preference, breeding and basic instincts, you will have a much better chance of putting yourself in the right spot at the right time.

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