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Eric Dresser Wildlife Photography

Small Mammal Photos
(Smaller than Fox)

Stock Wildlife Photography
Fine Art Prints

Snowshoe Hare   (sm-1web)

Snowshoe Hare   (sm-2web)

Snowshoe Hare   (sm-3web)

Cottontail Rabbit   (sm-4web)

Cottontail Rabbit   (sm-5web)

Cottontail Rabbit   (sm-6web)

Raccoon  (sm-7web)

Eastern Chipmunk   (sm-8web)

Chipmunk   (sm-9web)

Red Squirrel   (sm-10web)

Gray Squirrel   (sm-11web)

Gray Squirrel, black morph   (sm-12web)

Young Woodchucks  (sm-13web)

Woodchuck   (sm-14web)

Muskrat   (sm-15web)

Opossum    (sm-16web)

Striped Skunk    (sm-17web)

Shrew   (sm-18web)

Beaver   (sm-19web)

Mink   (sm-20web)

Porcupine   (sm-21web)

Chipmunk   (sm-22web)

Beavers  (sm-23web)

 Raccoon (sm-24web)


Gray Squirrel, spring   (sm-25web)

Gray Squirrel, winter   (sm-26web)

Beaver dragging sapling   (sm-27web)

Chipmunk (sm-28web)

Mink   (sm-29web)

Chipmunk  (sm-30web)

Muskrats   (sm-31web)

Porcupine   (sm-32web)

Baby Snowshoe Hare   (sm-33web)

Baby Snowshoe Hares   (sm-34web)

Beaver   (sm-35web)

Mink   (sm-36web)

Woodchuck   (sm-37web)

Woodchuck   (sm-38web)

River Otter   (sm-39web)

River Otter-2   (sm-40web)

River Otter-3  (sm-41web)

River Otter with Pickerel  (sm-42web)

River Otter-5  (sm-43web)

River Otter-6  (sm-44web)

River Otter-7  (sm-45web)

River Otters-8   (sm-46web)

River Otters-9  (sm-47web)

River Otters-10  (sm-48web)

River Otters-11  (sm-49web)

River Otters-12   (sm-50web)

Raccoon  (sm-51web)

Striped Skunk  (sm-52web)

Red Squirrel  (sm-53web)

Red Squirrel  (sm-54web)

Beaver (sm-55web)

Beaver (sm-56web)

Fisher  (sm-57web)

Fisher  (sm-58web)

Pine Marten  (sm-59web)


Pine Marten  (sm-60web)


Pine Marten  (sm-61web)

Pine Marten  (sm-62web)

Pine Marten  (sm-63web)

Raccoon  (sm-64web)

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