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2013 Personalized Workshops

I will be offering more personalized workshops. Limited to one participant. We will shoot side by side.

Most workshops will last half day. Mornings are usually far more productive for most forms of wildlife. Therefore; the workshops usually run from 15 minutes prior to sunrise until noon.

The workshops will be held on our property and local areas nearby our property. My wife and I live on the Tug Hill Plateau region of New York State. The Tug Hill Plateau is bordered by the Adirondacks to the East and the St. Lawerence River and Lake Ontario to the West. We are located North of Oneida Lake about eight miles West of the village of Camden, NY.

My goal is to send all participants home with the knowledge and ability to capture images of truly wild subjects without having to travel to exotic locations where wildlife is tame. Subjects will vary depending on the time of year.

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What would you like to photograph?
April is "Prime Time for Wood Ducks". I will have at least two blinds set up on our beaver pond. We also have several Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Canada Geese on the pond.

It is also the best time of the year to travel the back-roads near our home in search of Ruffed Grouse. The Grouse can be photographed from the vehicle.

Additional April subjects include wild turkeys, spring peepers, wildflowers and landscapes.

What will May bring?
More Wood Ducks. More Turkeys. Woodland Warblers and various other song birds.

What's happening in June?
More Woodland Warblers and various other birds. Doe have their fawns. Luna Moth emergence.

July and August
Deer. Damsels and Dragons. Cedar Waxwings. Belted Kingfisher. Turtles, frogs and various pond life.

September and October
Chipmunks, Deer, Landscapes, and Trips to surrounding areas.


"Let's go for a ride up to Tupper Lake", I said to my wife one winter's day a few years ago. Eric Dresser was giving a presentation at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake on wildlife photography. I had been learning wildlife photography on my own for the past couple of years and I was ready for a few tips from someone who knew what they were doing. Three hours and 140 miles later we arrived in Tupper Lake. Waiting to get in to the Wild Center's auditorium I was really surprised to see the number of people there. It was a full house! They were waiting to see Eric's presentation too. After getting in our seats the presentation began. It lasted about an hour and was by far the most instructive hour I had ever spent. On a huge screen in front of us were some of the best wildlife and nature photos I had ever seen, punctuated by Eric's commentary about how he went about capturing each photo. After the presentation I waited my turn to meet Eric. I mentioned that I go on his website on a regular basis to use his photos for specie identification and as references for photo editing. "Check out my website for upcoming workshops in the spring", Eric said. "You may be interested in doing a workshop up at my place." We shook hands and as we drove home my wife asked, "Are you going to call him?".......

Fast forward to the present. I have done just about every workshop that Eric has to offer. Many of them more than once. Some of them several times. I believe I have saved myself many years of trial and error. My photography has improved in leaps and bounds. The first thing I noticed about Eric's workshops were, they bore no resemblance to "work". His enthusiasm is contagious and I am convinced that Eric would be photographing wildlife even if he had never had a photo published. I have done workshops when Eric was photographing right along side of me, subjects that I know he has literally thousands of photos of. When asked why he continues to photograph that particular subject his reply is "Every photo is different." How right he is. His passion for and knowledge of his subjects is amazing. Eric's willingness to let you know "how it is done" is key to enabling you to walk away from the workshops with the knowledge to capture memorable photos on your own. But as important as the know how is, the grand prize is that you will walk away from these workshops with a newly developed mindset and the realization that photo ops that you weren't even aware existed, are actually all around you.

Bob Havener
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Bob Havener Photography